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  • With Wings as Eagles: The Beginning

    The 107th Attack Wing is one of the original units of the New York Air National Guard, having been allocated to the state of New York on May 24, 1946, shortly after the end of World War II. It was then on Dec. 8, 1948, that the 107th was given federal recognition and commenced flying operations with an initial strength of 100 Airmen assigned. Over the following 70 years, the 107th distinguished itself at home and in combat, and set many milestones and records along the way. However, the story of the 107th does not simply start in 1948. To trace the origins of the wing, we go back to the beginning in 1942 with the 339th Fighter Group as recounted by Maj. Gen. John B. Henry, Jr.
  • Dear Dorie

    The skies above Europe during World War II are cold and deadly but set the stage for a love story that spans more than two years. Nine months of that is spent waiting for release as a prisoner of war. Taking whatever scraps can be found or bribed for from the prison camp guards, memories are immortalized and devotion to a new wife is professed. Letters that are sent off, hopefully reaching their destination. Just as dreams of flying high in the blue skies were written, so too were the dreams that came crashing down. Dreams that crashed with a P-51 Mustang taken down by anti-aircraft fire.