About Us


Engaged in all domains of global vigilance and power; from the surface to air, in space, cyberspace as well as state civil support operations with exceptionally qualified Airmen and weapons systems while maintaining a proud community-based group of professionals, performing at a level of excellence that sets the standard for others to follow.


To be the number one globally engaged wing in the Air National Guard; providing an operational strategic depth to the combat air forces of the United States. The best trained and equipped Airmen the 107th Attack Wing has ever known. Maintaining a laser focus on the future while remaining rooted in a proud heritage.


Provide combatant commanders across all theaters and domains of ground, air and space the highest quality and best trained Airmen in the combat air forces.

In 48 hours or less, meet all JTF-5 domestic operations tasking's in support of the governor of the State of New York and the adjutant general.