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Delivering Air and Space power today, ensuring readiness for tomorrow.


Tactically focused, strategically minded.



Safety- The care of our fellow Airmen, Guardians, and their families is our highest priority. The Wing must continue to prioritize and allocate the resources necessary for the safety and resiliency of our warriors and families. Nurturing a highly effective team though a culture of empowerment, diversity, inclusion, and respect enables our advantage over America's enemies. 

Recruiting and Retention- Without innovative and diverse leaders, the Wings relevancy would be compromised Recruiting and retention of the finest service members in the Air National Guard with a goal achieving or exceeding 100% end-strength ensures "building an enduring advantage" and is a cornerstone of effectively competing with pacing challenges., 

Readiness- The 107th has much to show for accomplishments over the past year, but significant challenges remain in the forefront. All 107th members must have the vision to remain tactically focused and strategically minded, understanding the fundamentals of integrated deterrence and campaigning.

Empowerment- The empowerment of our Airmen and Guardians is essential to concepts of Agile Combat Employment and the unique challenges associated with domestic operations. Airmen and Guardians must understand the strategic picture, commanders intent, and confidently make decisions within the guidelines of the commanders intent.