107th Recruiting

107th Attack Wing Recruiting 

TSgt Ken D. Chudoba, NYANG

Recruiting Flight Chief

107th Attack Wing, Niagara Falls ARS

Comm: (716) 236-3068  DSN: (716) 238-3068

Fax: (716) 236-2425 

Cell Phone: (716) 545-2770

Email: Kenneth.Chudoba.1@us.af.mil


274th ASOS and 222nd CACS Recruiting

MSgt Ricky J. Best

274th Special Warfare Recruiter

222nd  Space Command and Control Squadron

274th ASOS, Hancock Field

6001 East Molloy Rd

Syracuse, NY  13211-7099

Cell Phone: 315-952-4491

Email: ricky.best@us.af.mil