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Master Sgt. Jennifer DeWispelaere, 107th Attack Wing Recognized as Top Financial Manager

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  • 107th Attack Wing

DeWispelaere, a Financial Management Craftsman assigned to the 107th Comptroller Flight, was named Financial Management Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for 2019.

She competed against 67 other non-commissioned officers nominated for the award.

“Master Sergeant Dewispelaere is a key member and leader in our Comptroller Flight. She is always professional and hardworking making sure the mission gets done right.” Col. Gary Charlton, 107th Attack Wing Commander said. “She is a mentor to the Airmen in her section and makes the 107th a premier unit and ready team. Congratulations to her and her family and thank you for your service.’

DeWispelaere is the lead accountant in the flight. Her current job responsibilities include overseeing all functions of vendor pay and travel disbursements, conducting multiple audits and assisting the budget office with end of year closeout.

“I feel very humbled and honored to be recognized,” DeWispelaere said. “I am very grateful for this honor to be able to represent the 107th Attack Wing and Western New York for the Air National Guard.”

According to the Air National Guard, this award emphasizes a commitment to outstanding and talented Financial Managers and recognizes people who contribute towards making Air Force operations effective when the nation is facing significant fiscal challenges.

DeWispelaere said she likes her job because she has a passion for math and numbers and likes helping to solve problems and working with people.

“I love the satisfaction that comes from helping others solve a problem they are dealing with. I have always been self-motivated to excel not just in my job but anything I am doing,” She said.
“It sounds cliché but if you aren’t going to give it 100% it is not worth doing. It also comes easy to want to excel because I have very highly motivated coworkers,” DeWispelaere added. DeWispelaere enlisted in the Air Force on March 30, 2007. She began her career with the 107th Communications Squadron, but in June 2012 she embarked on a new career, working full time as a fulltime Airman in the 107th finance office.

In July 2013 she left for technical re-training into the finance career field and graduated number one in her class in October 2013. She was also recognized by Armed Forces Comptroller Magazine in 2013 for her accomplishments.

DeWispelaere became the Lead Accountant in December 2016. She deployed to Afghanistan in 2017 in support of missions in the region.

DeWispelaere lives in Sanborn, NY with her husband Alan DeWispelaere. They have three sons; Mason, Luke and Cole.