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OPERATION PREEMPTIVE REPRIEVE ed. 3, AFI 1-1 Section 1.7; Structure.

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  • 107th Attack Wing

Airmen of the 107th Attack Wing, 

Last month we highlighted what Customs and Courtesies are according to AFI 1-1, and why it is important for us to know and follow. This month we will be dissecting and discussing AFI 1-1 Section 1.7; Structure.

Chain of Command. Each level throughout the chain has different responsibilities and authority. Every member is a part of, and subjected to a chain of command. You must use it properly and remain loyal to each level. Important! Resolve problems and seek answers from the lowest level possible before continuing up the chain.
First Sergeant. First Sergeants, also known as Shirts, serve as the commander’s critical link within the unit for every matter concerning the unit’s members. Shirts are responsible for ensuring members understand the commander’s goals, policies and objectives, and must also make sure that support agencies are responsive to the needs of unit personnel and their families.
Command Chief Master Sergeant (CCM). The 107th Attack Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant is CMSgt Ed Stefik! The CCM is the commander’s key enlisted advocate and advisor, and is charged with overseeing the enlisted force professional development and training.
Staff Agencies. These agencies support the chain of command and make it more effective and efficient. Here is a list of the different staff agencies we have here at the 107th Attack Wing and what their roles are.
Chaplain. The Chaplain Corps provides spiritual care and the opportunity for members and their families to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion.
Staff Judge Advocate (SJA). The SJA advises commanders on legal and policy issues, reviews actions for legal sufficiency, and provides personal legal assistance to Airmen and their dependents.
Public Affairs. The purpose of PA operations is to communicate accurate, timely, and useful information about AF activities to DOD, AF, domestic and international audiences. Essentially, Public Affairs if the commander’s principal spokesperson.
Equal Opportunity (EO). The purpose of the EO program is to enhance unit cohesion, mission accomplishment, and mission readiness by ensuring equal treatment and employment opportunity for all members. The AF has a zero-tolerance policy towards unlawful discrimination including sexual harassment. This means that once unlawful discrimination is alleged, appropriate action will be taken to investigate and resolve allegations and stop unlawful behavior. The EO office will assist with these issues and investigations.
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program: The Air Force does not tolerate sexual assault. All Airmen have the responsibility to foster a climate of dignity and respect and to promote and ensure a culture that will not tolerate sexual assault or behaviors that support it.
The Inspector General (IG). The IG serves as the commander’s eyes and ears to be alert to issues affecting the organization. The IG is separated into two different systems. The AF Inspection System and the AF Complaints System. The Inspection System assesses unit efficiency, effectiveness, operational readiness and compliance with applicable guidance. The Complaints System gives members the right to present a complaint without a fear of reprisal.

This is a little refresher on the rules and standards you must follow while you are serving in the world’s greatest Air Force. Each month we will be highlighting a section of AFI 1-1 to ensure our members are well informed and in compliance.
STAY TUNED! Next month we will talk about professional and unprofessional relationships.
Here is a link to AFI 1-1.

The legal office cares about our fellow Airmen. We love seeing you guys, but we want to make sure we are seeing you in our office for the right reasons. Stay smart and stay safe!

The 107 ATKW Office of the Staff Judge Advocate