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18th Annual Traffic Safety Program

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd
  • 107th Airlift Wing
The Niagara Falls Reserve Station hosted the 18th Annual Traffic Safety Program for local high school students. Members from the 107th Airlift Wing provided audio visual, computer tech support and security escorts for this event. This event provides the students with the understanding of how disobeying current traffic laws can affect their lives and safety tips to improve their driving skills. They are briefed by members of the local state police, sheriffs, and department of transportation and rail road safety personnel.

There are about 500 students each day at this event. They drive on an obstacle course testing their ability to drive under abnormal conditions. They get to wear the drunk goggles and walk the line to show the effects of being intoxicated when given a sobriety test. Department of Transportation explains work zone safety and what to watch out for.

"This program is held every year at this time during prom season" said Capt. Gregory Schuey, Niagara County Sheriff Dept. "The base provides great support for this program"

During the day the students are giving a crash demonstration of a t-bone accident. Calspan is a transportation research group who sets up to demonstrate the catastrophic effects that low speed impacts can have. The crash is at 30 mph but all the dummies in the vehicles don't have seat belts on to show how they are tossed around during an accident. After the crash, police and fire are dispatched to show how long it takes to pull the victims from the vehicles.

There is a victim impact speaker who talks to the students on their experience of losing a loved one in the family due to drunk driving and how it impacted them.

"My son was very impressed with this program and made an impact on him" said Chief Master Sgt. David Wohleben, 107th Command Chief Master Sgt.

"The base provides the space for this six day event and this is a good for the students to see what is going on at our base" said Alan Davidson, 914th Airlift Wing Ground Safety Officer.