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9/11 Remembrance Enlistment Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd
  • 107th Airlift Wing
The 107th Airlift Wing remembers 9/11 by enlisting new Airmen into the unit. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, many Americans were compelled to serve their fellow citizens and communities. As a tribute to that spirit - and to honor those we lost - the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 is the forth official observance of September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Many members of the unit were called to duty on that day and many serve overseas today to keep America safe from terrorism.

"This was a memorable day for all! I'm happy to serve with these new men and women. I wish them all the best of luck in their careers!" said Tech. Sgt. Krystalore Stegner 107th Recruiter.

"I'm happy to join the unit and will be going to pilot training. I was in seventh grade when 9/11 happened," said Airman 1st Class Kirsten Peyton.

"This was very cool and very nice," said Airman 1st Class Catherine Stoddard.

"I'm very proud of my son who made this decision all on his own to join the Air National Guard" said Christopher Druzbik

"My father influenced me by being there every step of the way and answering any questions I had." said Airman Kyle Druzbik.

The new Airmen lined up in front of one of the C-130 Aircraft which just returned from Afghanistan. Col. Jim McCready performed the enlistment oath while family members witness the ceremony. Seven new recruits swore into the New York Air National Guard now serving their country and state. They will all enter various careers in the unit like operations management, security forces, aerospace maintenance and a C-130 pilot.

The 107th is actively recruiting for many part-time positions. For more information contact the 107th Recruiting office at 1-800-247-2902