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Mental health services now available

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Peter Dean
  • 107th Airlift Wing
Niagara Falls Guardsmen preparing to deploy, returning from a deployment or just need to talk about daily life issues will now have access to full-time mental health services.
On Aug. 1, the 107th Airlift Wing welcomed Dr. Roger A. De Noyelles as our full-time Wing Director of Psychological Health (WDPH). Doc. Roger as he prefers to be called is part of an Air National Guard program that targets the mental health needs of its Airmen. The program calls for the placement of a WDPH in each of the 97 ANG Wings.
"The Air Guard is the only service component that does not have military members who are mental health professionals or technicians," said Maj. James Coker, the Chief of Public Health and Prevention for the Air National Guard's Surgeon's Office. "We do not have that career field in the Air Guard, so (employing) someone who can direct those types of programs is very important."
Doc Roger, a licensed clinical social work therapist has worked as a counselor for more than 20 years for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Corporations counseling corporations' employees and their families as well as being a mental health therapist in a Private Counseling Practice in Binghamton, NY.
As an ex Navy Hospital Corpsman who served with both the Navy and the Marine Corps he has worked with and counseled many service men and women as well as veterans for many years as a Social Work Therapist on a variety of subjects.
"During this time of War on Terrorism, I am very moved and honored to be able to serve the Air National Guard, our Nation, and the men and woman of the 107th," said Doc Roger.
Airmen that take the time to pay the Doc a visit will find a confidential ear, sound advice and access to a network of local professionals to help resolve any problems or conflicts.
"It is the Airman decision to let his or her leadership know that he paid me a visit. My files are locked and are for my eyes only," said the Doc.
"I'm here for a quick chat if someone needs to vent or to help resolve a life changing crisis," he said.
While the Doc is not comforting individuals or visiting shops he will spend his time educating the wing with a series of wellness and preventive mental health events.
The Doc can be found in Building 936 room 138 or reached by phone at extension 236-3405, Black Berry (716) 534-4209 week days from 7:30 till 4:30 and during UTA's.