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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand toured facilities here March 25

  • Published
  • By SMSgt Ray Lloyd
  • 107th AW
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand toured facilities here March 25 to see firsthand how they've improved since the base was taken off the closure list in 2005.
It was the first time the New York senator visited the base, and Mr Michael Williams showed her The Community Activity Center being constructed in the brief tour of the base. Also both Wing Commanders Col Mark Murphy 914th AW and Col Jim McCready 107th AW showed her the new Small Arms Range under construction and the completed Army Guard Reserve Training Center.

Gillibrand said she's working with the Senate Armed Services Committee to promote the importance of the base. She spoke of her vision for the base as a state of the art training facility for the state and nation.

The base has great opportunity for growth in these economic times, and provides military and civilian jobs, Gillibrand said.

"The facilities also have great support for the families, which is really important because we ask so much of our troops, but we also ask so much of our military family," Gillibrand said.
Though the Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Commission was considering closing the base, it ruled to leave it open in 2005.