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107th Airlift Wing enlistees swear in on game day

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Peter Dean
  • 107th Airlift Wing
During Sunday's Buffalo Bills/Pittsburg Steelers game, the newest New York Air National Guard's 107th Airlift Wing enlistees charged through the player's tunnel to take part in a pregame enlistment ceremony held on the Buffalo Bills field. "This is cool! Enlisting on the Bills field, "said Cara Sturdivant one of the enlistees. "I'll remember this forever, get a picture of me," she added. Airman Sturdivant and five other enlistees took to the field hours before fans arrived. Forming up on the fifty yard line, Lt. Col. James Hoch a 107th Pilot administered the Oath of Enlistment as family members and friends looked on. "I'm very proud of Cara," said her father Elbert. "I think she made the right decision, the Guard is a good choice for her," he added. "Mom this is so cool," said Joshua Velez to his mother via cell phone. "This is amazing," he added. After the ceremony, enlistees and guests were invited to stay and join the sellout crowd to cheer on their hometown team, complements of the Buffalo Bills. "There we are!" screamed Senior Airman Paul Boser pointing up to the Jumbotron as the pregame enlistment ceremony was broadcast for the 80,000 fans in attendance during the half time show. "Get out the banner, they're gonna pan over us," he added. "Partnering with the Bills gives the enlistees a memory that lasts a lifetime," said Tech Sgt. Sylvia Kirchner a 107th Recruiter. "It also gives the 107th invaluable exposure and recognizes the commitment that these young men and women have made," she added.