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The 107th’s very own Michael Phelps

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Peter Dean
  • 107th Airlift Wing
"I was on the block and I looked to my left and there was an 84-year-old woman, I thought I can beat her, and then I looked to my right and there was an 18-year-old guy, and I thought hummm," said 107th pilot Maj. Michael Galvin. Settling for nothing less than gold, 107th Airlift Wing pilot Maj. Michael Galvin recently participated in the Empire Games, and brought home not one but four gold medals. The Empire Games is the largest completion of its kind in the nation. Patterned after the Olympics, the multi-sport event invites all amateur athletes throughout the New York State to compete for gold. The major an avid marathon runner recently rediscovered his affection for his high school sport, swimming. "After my last marathon, I realized that running was beating up my legs too much, said Galvin. "And after being out the pool for the last 21 years, I decided to take up swimming again, it's a great way to stay fit," he said. A little less than a year ago the major joined Nickel City Masters, a group of all ages that meet three times a week at the University at Buffalo for swim work out. "During a recent practice they were looking for volunteers to help with the Games," said Galvin. "I thought maybe I can enter the Games," he added After meeting the required qualifying time in his age group the major set out not to win, but to complete the meets. Galvin entered four meets; 100, 200, 300 and 400 meter individual medleys which consist of four different strokes, the butterfly, the back, the breast and freestyle. Each stroke has an equal part of the overall distance in each meet. "My goal was to just finish, swimming in practice and swimming in a competition are two different things, I didn't have a good knowledge of what my time would be," said Galvin. "When I won the first meet, I felt great; I just beat an 18-year-old," said Galvin. "After the fourth race I felt nauseous, it was a long race, I was exhausted," he said. Galvin plans on competing in next year's Games slated to take place in Rochester.