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107th Security Forces Conducts Heavy Weapons Training

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ryan Campbell
  • 107th Security Forces Squdraon
More than 30 members of the 107th Security Forces Squadron, New York Air National Guard, conducted heavy weapons training and qualification in Michigan, June 20-24, 2016.

The Airmen trained at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena, and qualified at Camp Grayling as part of their yearly requirement to remain proficient in their weapon systems.

"We conducted our heavy weapons qualification training," said Capt. Nicholas Schmiegel, 107th SFS commander. "It's an annual requirement and we trained on the M249 and M240B machine guns, and the M203 grenade launcher."

The week of training was a mix of classroom instruction with hands-on training, and two days of live fire at Camp Grayling.

"The training went very well," said Schmiegel. "The weather held and we were able to hit targets at the proper distances and meet our qualification requirements."

Going through this training keeps the Airmen familiar with the various weapon systems they are expected to use, and more importantly allows the 107th SFS to continue to carry these weapons and be prepared at all times for whatever is expected of them, said Schmiegel.

For some Airmen, there were new opportunities to train above and beyond what their position might call for.

The training is designed for Airmen that are assigned to be heavy gunners, who are the primary users of these weapons systems, said Staff Sgt. Rebecca Hoyt, an Airman assigned to the 107th SFS who supervised the heavy weapons training. There were also opportunities for many other Airmen to become familiar with, and fire weapons that they usually wouldn't, said Hoyt.

Coming to Michigan every year for this training, the Airmen that train always work hard and get the most out of it that they can, said Hoyt. They always succeed at accomplishing all of their tasks, said Hoyt.

After weapons are cleaned and packed, the 107th SFS goes home having been brought closer together by the week of training.

"This was a week of work but we try to mix in some fun here," said Schmiegel. "The squadron enjoys coming to Alpena and the team work we have."